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Our sales are down

Male sales associate with orange folder helping female shopper in furniture store
Problem #1

My salespeople don’t close enough deals

Greg’s foot traffic has decreased significantly. With fewer people in the door, Greg needs his sales associates to turn more guests into customers. But, Greg’s sales team is struggling to execute on special order sales. If shoppers can’t find what they’re looking for on the floor, they often walk out empty-handed.

A few of his vendors provide paper catalogs, but these are always outdated and show neither pricing nor live inventory. Other vendors have websites or order portals, but Greg’s guests aren’t thrilled having to look at a computer monitor behind the counter – it just doesn’t seem professional. And it’s also very time-consuming.

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Solution #1

In-store digital catalog for special order sales.

Greg’s associates need detailed product catalogs at their fingertips – at all times.

  • All vendor catalogs in one place
  • Fully priced
  • Includes real-time inventory
Male retail sales associate walking a furniture store showroom floor with a female shopper
Female retailer in an empty store
Problem #2

My salespeople don’t recommend add-ons

Pauline’s Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) has gone up. Competition from big box stores and online retailers is stiff. She’s investing in marketing efforts to drive traffic to her store. And she needs to get the most out of each customer that comes by.

Pauline is disappointed in her sales team’s average ticket size. Her team forgets – or is hesitant – to suggest other products to add on to the sale. The team isn’t comfortable enough and doesn’t want to jeopardize sales. Bottom line: There just isn’t a good process for add-on sales.

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Solution #2

Visual merchandising tool for upsell and cross-sells.

Pauline’s sales team needs a tool that visually merchandises and casually recommends products.

  • Digital catalog with built-in product associations and recommendations
  • Intuitive navigation that offers shoppers low-pressure suggestions
  • Auto-add quantities for products that are typically sold in pairs
  • Hot spots on lifestyle images to show more products at once in a designer-inspired room
Woman looking at her tablet while standing beside a store display
Couple sitting on a bed while a salesperson explains its features
Problem #3

We don’t have enough RSAs for our guests

Lauren has 3 sales associates at her store. During the week, shoppers trickle in at a manageable pace. But during peak hours (especially on Saturdays) her staff is busy and shoppers are left to browse the store alone

Her associates are taking 30-45 minutes per customer. They are continuously jumping between systems – checking pricing, inventory, sizes, and color options. This wastes a lot of time

Additionally, financing applications and the checkout process, as a whole, take even more time.

While Lauren’s associates are tied up with one set of customers, many other shoppers leave without talking to anyone.

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Solution #3

Shorter time to close and a shopper “babysitter”

Lauren needs a tool that helps shorten the time to close so her associates can see more customers. She also needs a way to keep shoppers busy while associates finish up sales with other customers.

  • A “silent salesperson” or “guest sitter” – in-store kiosks that shoppers can browse and discover a retailer’s entire product catalog
  • All information is always available at team members’ fingertips – no more running around the showroom or checking information on back-office computers while abandoning guests in the showroom
  • Streamline the checkout process from the sales floor to the POS by connecting retailers’ systems
  • Waterfall integration and mobile credit apps to streamline the financing process
Male and female couple with young daughter paying for furniture purchase from female sales associate
Woman leaving furniture store without buying anything
Problem #4

When shoppers leave, I don’t know why.

Frank uses a system that counts the number of guests that visit his store. Last month he had 600 guests, but only 120 sales.

He’s struggling to understand what happened to the other 80% of shoppers who didn’t buy. Why did they leave? Where did they go? Why didn’t they come back to buy from him?

Frank is flying blindly since he has no way to follow up with visitors who left empty-handed.

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Solution #4

In-store lead collection tool that benefits both the shopper and retailer.

Frank needs a tool to improve his process for lead collection & follow ups with store visitors.

  • Product, collection, and cart shares via SMS and Email
  • Retailers collect valuable first-party information and purchase intent
  • Make product sharing via text message a “go-to” process
  • Automate follow ups with a 2-way texting platform
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