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Give your team and your guests direct access to rich catalogs, pricing, and real-time inventory.

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Your 'Extended' Aisle

Allow your guests to access products that aren’t on display in your physical showroom. Build an endless or extended aisle with special order items, direct-to-consumer (DTC) products, online-only collections, and nearby warehouse inventory. All in one app.

Illustration of Wondersign platform syncing product data to website, kiosk, and tablet endpoints.

Your 'Extended' Aisle

Allow your guests to access products that aren’t on display in your physical showroom. Build an endless or extended aisle with special order items, direct-to-consumer (DTC) products, online-only collections, and nearby warehouse inventory. All in one app.

Illustration of Wondersign platform syncing product data to website, kiosk, and tablet endpoints.

Explore The App

A blazingly-fast digital catalog application for touchscreen kiosks, handheld tablets, and desktops. It replaces traditional paper catalogs and allows retailers to sell a wider selection of products in-store while keeping information up-to-date automatically.

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Search Engine

Use the search bar at any time to find items by name, product type, SKU number, category, and other attributes.

Financing App

Start a financing application right from the point of sale with a simple mobile credit app, sent as a text message to the consumer’s smartphone.

Shopping Cart

Add items to a shareable cart or basket, and allow consumers to jumpstart the checkout process in the store. Connect the shopping cart to your POS system or your ecommerce website for direct checkout.

Send Text/Email

Allow your guests to text or email product details to themselves and decision makers outside of your store. You can use the collected contact information for follow-up marketing campaigns. This lead data is also available through our Commerce API.

Upsells & Crossells

Discover related products for a bigger average ticket. Find products in the same collection, series, set, or add accent items that complement the look – all in one step and ready out of the box for thousands of products


Display Consumer Brands and/or Manufacturer data to provide more detailed information for the consumer and sales associate. Brand information can be hidden to white-label the goods in your kiosk app.

Item Availability

Never leave your guests stranded on the sales floor! Instead of manually checking product availability on a backroom PC, you can look up factory and local showroom or warehouse stock levels in real-time. Complete with re-stocking dates and quantities.

What’s Included

Find a list of component SKUs for packaged and kitted products so sales associates know exactly what to order, and consumers know what pieces they are purchasing.


Price tag customization includes Retail and List Price, Rental or Financing Pricing, Sales & Promotions, and a Call-to-Action of your choosing. Use automation rules and rounding options to automate pricing display. Connect to your POS system to keep pricing in sync. Connect to your POS system to keep pricing in sync.


Multiple images with multi-level zoom allow consumers to take a closer look at the items they are looking to purchase. The app also supports product videos.

Sample product page display on a kiosk app

Bring Shoppers Back

Every retailer knows the dreaded “Be-Backs”. With our in-store app you can reach back out to guests who visited your store and left without purchasing.

Follow up via text (or email) and bring shoppers back to your store or website and close more deals.

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Make It Transactional

Connect the app with your point of sale (POS) system for fast and easy checkout. We also offer commerce integrations, for example to use Stripe for credit card processing.

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Instant Financing Options

Big-ticket purchases are increasingly financed. Your guests can start the financing process with our mobile credit app integration – allowing consumers to complete their application quickly and securely on their own device.

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Explore Our Managed Catalogs

Wondersign has 70+ managed brand feeds for you to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the industry you’re in, we offer a variety of brands that can be found on the Brands page. We are continuously adding new brands, many of them upon request by our customers. Please reach out via sales@wondersign.com to let us know what brands you want to see on the platform!

Yes. We offer various kiosk bundles that include touchscreen solutions, stands, pre-loads, kits, and on-site installation. Learn more on our In-Store Kiosks & Tablets page.

Yes. Catalog App is updated over the Internet and requires a stable connection using either WiFi, wired LAN, or we can provide a solution for 4G/LTE connectivity. The Catalog Application is offline-capable and customers in your store can still browse products if the in-store kiosk is offline. However, for sharing features and the shopping cart to work, kiosks and tablets require a minimally performant Internet connection.

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As you know it’s very expensive to bring people to visit your store. Marketing, PR, advertising, and associate training to generate positive word of mouth are some of the biggest expenses for any brick & mortar retailer. It is even more frustrating when guests only show up to ‘kick tires’ or to abuse your store for “showrooming”.

With our catalog app we capture all product and cart shares via text message and email. This allows retailers to reach back out to these guests, find out why they left, and close deals that are otherwise lost.

  • The platform has built-in shopper analytics reports to access favorite products, categories, and lead information such as cell phone numbers and email addresses
  • We alert you via email and/or text message as soon as a guest starts an SMS conversation with your store
  • We integrate with conversational text platforms, such as Podium, to turn product shares into live sales conversations
  • Our Commerce API allows retailers to query all product and cart shares and bring these leads into other systems, like a CRM or marketing automation tools, for consistent follow-ups

Connectivity is key when it comes to completing the “path to purchase”. Our kiosk and tablet apps can be integrated with existing POS systems, ecommerce sites, or dedicated processing providers, such as Stripe. All with the goal to streamline your sales process and make it easier for consumers to buy from you. Here’s how:

  • Support any in-store sales process by sending transactional data via email to the checkout counter
  • Push cart information to connected cloud-based POS systems – See our Partners for POS
  • Make transactional data available via our Commerce API or webhook and feed it to any system of choice
  • Connect with ecommerce websites (such as Shopify or BigCommerce) and use them to transact

Filling out forms is fun! … said no one ever. Attractive financing offers can add hundreds of thousands to your bottom line in big ticket retail. Unfortunately, the way to get consumers approved is littered with clunky forms and antiquated processes. Introducing our ‘financing waterfall’ automations:

  • Text message-based application process; started from within the app – completed on the consumer’s phone
  • Integration with free-of-charge financing waterfall provider for automated applications
  • Integration with financing management provider for an RSA-led application process
  • Ability to automate the entire application and approval process for one low flat rate per funded transaction