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You choose your e-commerce platform – we’ll keep your product catalogs, pricing, and inventory in full sync.

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Up-To-Date Catalogs Everywhere

Fully automated product and inventory pipeline to major ecommerce platforms to keep in-store and online experiences in perfect sync.

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Plug & Play

Wondersign Connectors & Data API solutions offer your customized product catalog in various data formats. For your website, POS system, marketing automation platform, or wherever you need it.

Consumer-Ready Data

Furnish your website with up-to-date manufacturer product catalog data from top brands.


Set automatic pricing rules for targeted groups of products, or configure custom pricing for individual products on the fly.


Close more deals by tapping directly into the global inventory from the brands you carry.

Marketing-Ready Product Data

Explore how pricing and other product information is automatically mapped to your website.

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Multiple high-resolution, zoomable images so consumers can take a close look at the items for a more educated purchase decision and lower return rate.

Unique Product Name

Detailed and SKU-specific product names are automatically populated into each product page.


Price tag customization includes Retail Price, List Price (“compare to”), Rental Pricing, Promotional Pricing, and a Call-to-Action message of your choosing.


Drop-down options and color swatches to switch between product variants by color, size, configuration, etc.


Consumer-ready detailed product descriptions from the vendor or custom created by you.

Dimensions & Weight Specs

Vendor-provided height, length, and width, as well as total product weight

Furniture retail website on a laptop

Ecommerce on Autopilot

Ecommerce Integrations ​

Connect directly with your Shopify or BigCommerce store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondersign Connectors sync directly with Shopify and BigCommerce. See a complete list on our Partners page.

  • All product details – SKU, Title, Description, Dimensions, Weight, Brand, etc.
  • Product variants and options to avoid redundancy
  • Explosion of Component SKUs in Kits/Bundles and Pieces Per Package
  • Cost, Retail, “Compare At” Price, MAP, MSRP (if available from vendor)
  • Normalized taxonomy with categories and subcategories and normalized colors
  • Filterable Options and Fields such as “Product Type”, “Material”, “Style”, and many more

Omni-channel retail (or omni-channel commerce) is a multichannel approach to sales that focuses on creating a seamless customer experience for consumers whether they are shopping online from a mobile device, a laptop, or physically in your brick-and-mortar store.

An Application Programming Interface (API) uses HTTPS requests to access and use product data. This data can be used to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data types, which refers to the reading, updating, creating and deleting of your product data.

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