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Update products everywhere

Ditch the messy spreadsheets and repetitive tasks. Keep prices, inventory, and product information in full sync – all from one place.

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Catalog Manager

Automate your product catalog management to feed always-current product information to all your online and in-store outlets. Wondersign’s product information management (PIM) features allow you to receive product catalogs from all your vendors in one standardized format.

Illustration of Wondersign platform syncing product data to website, kiosk, and tablet endpoints.

Manage Your Data

The Wondersign platform allows you to manage and automate your product information so you can distribute a consistent product experience across all your selling channels.

Master Catalog

Furnish your website & kiosks with up-to-date and keyword-rich product catalog data from top brands.


Set and automate margin percentages, markup multipliers, and pricing rules for all vendor catalogs.


Consume and display vendor stock information, plus your own local inventory, all in the same interface, all in real-time.

Connecting In-Store and Online

Your customers expect a seamless experience – both online and in your brick & mortar locations. We keep your product data in sync, consistently priced, equipped with real-time inventory, and enhanced with channel-specific specs and keywords.

Channel Specific Catalogs

Customize your catalogs to perfectly fit the targeted sales channels. Let the Wondersign platform enforce Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) for products sold online, while in-store applications are allowed to discount more aggressively. Create your own distribution controls, curate DTC catalogs for dropship websites, or eliminate low-margin items from your web store – all from one easy-to-use interface.

Catalog Curation

You can add, delete, manage, and edit product information to our managed feeds. You can also import your own catalogs. And you can even plug in your own master catalog data source – for example from a POS system.

Edit product relationships directly in our user interface (UI), manage additional media, or simply let the platform handle it all on autopilot. You’re in complete control.

Graphic image of a mock product catalogue for a dresser

Price Management ​

The Wondersign Platform gives you the ability to price your entire catalog on autopilot. Create timed promotions, set markup multipliers for entire vendor lines, for specific categories or even just for individual products. Create margin and markup-based pricing tiers for retail, rent-to-own/lease-to-own, as well as financing rates.

Graphic image of a woman changing the price of a mattress on a mock product catalogue

Local & Manufacturer Inventory

Give your guests the shopping experience they expect and never leave them alone on the floor again! Instead of manually checking an item’s availability on a manufacturer’s website, you can check item availability with just a tap – complete with re-stocking dates as well as current & future quantities if desired.

Graphic image of a man painting the mock product catalogue for a dining table

Display Your Catalogs

Wondersign’s native Catalog App for kiosks, handhelds, and desktops allows you to display all your product data for guests and RSAs in your brick & mortar stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! The Wondersign Platform gives you the ability to price your entire catalog. It lets you create timed promotions and change general price multipliers for entire categories or individual products on the fly. You can create multiple pricing tiers for retail, rent-to-own/ lease-to-own, as well as financing, and everything automatically recalculates if the underlying wholesale pricing changes.

The Wondersign Platform automatically updates the product database multiple times a day and only includes products that are currently available from the manufacturer or distributor. Discontinued items will be removed from our product feeds automatically unless you still have local inventory to sell through.

The Wondersign platform integrates with a wide variety of software solutions, services, and platforms. The goal is to provide you with a complete commerce ecosystem, regardless of the vendors or systems you already have in place. For a full list of partners and integrations, click here.

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Many retailers enjoy the automation when it comes to us handling their master catalog updates. There is no need to tinker with spreadsheets or worry about price updates – the platform does it all.

In some cases, however, retailers want to be in full control of the product experience in their stores and on their websites. This is where the intuitive UI of our platform comes into play to quickly and easily make changes, such as:

Changing product names to white-label a catalog
Adding a delivery policy directly to the product description
Obfuscating SKUs or using custom SKUs to make cross-shopping harder
Adding additional measurements or additional images
Adding feature-specific keywords to the product feature bullets
Adding items to multiple categories simultaneously to maximize discoverability

Curated catalogs that are optimized for the specific sales channel they’re being used in lead to higher conversion. Many retailers use the curation tools to build out ecommerce specific catalogs with focus on direct-to-consumer (DTC) items and products that ship flat-packed, while adding more high-end items to their in-store catalogs.

Pricing updates are among the most time-consuming tasks any retailer has to deal with. Delays, because it’s a manual task, are not just costly, but downright damaging to a retailer’s business.

The Wondersign platform automates pricing updates with a rule-based pricing engine. Here are a few examples that can be set up in just a few clicks, using the built-in pricing engine:

  • Keep all products from a set of brands at the same markup – even when the underlying cost structure changes
  • Always add a freight percentage to items coming from a specific warehouse location
  • Automate “Charm” pricing for products from a specific manufacturer
  • Set a different margin percentage for items below 150lbs
  • Create a promotional price list with a start and end date in the future


Many platforms still only allow per-item pricing, which is tedious and repetitive. Not the Wondersign platform – pricing automation across the board has never been this easy. For even more automation, we offer connectors to get pricing from an existing system, such as POS software, or an ecommerce website

“Do you have this item in your store?” or “Which location has this item on display?” are most common questions from consumers. Instead of forcing them to call you – tying up staff – why not volunteer this information?

The Wondersign inventory service gives a retailer the ability to:

  • Import local inventory levels from a POS or ERP system
  • Automate the import using the SFTP automation
  • Displaying local inventory alongside manufacturers’ inventory levels directly in our kiosk app
  • Include inventory in our ecommerce connectors to websites
  • Export manufacturer inventory to a CSV to use in other software
  • Edit inventory on the fly directly in our platform


To truly automate inventory management we recommend using our connectors. We also have an inventory endpoint available in our Commerce API.