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Thousands of home furnishings retailers use Wondersign to connect systems that otherwise don’t “talk”. The challenge is to keep catalogs, pricing, and inventory in sync in their stores and on their website.

Common Problems Retailers Face

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Wondersign has 70+ carefully managed brand feeds for you to choose from.

Why Wondersign?

Increase Average Ticket Size

Our App creates up-sell and cross-sell opportunities for shoppers based on their product selections, designer recommendations, and availability.

Increase Close Rate

Virtually expand your showroom with interactive digital catalogs to offer shoppers a greater selection and help them find exactly what they're looking for.

Speed Up Sales Process

No more leaving shoppers stranded on the sales floor. All product data, pricing, and real-time inventory is available at your fingertips - turning your sales associates into million dollar writers!

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Omnichannel commerce provides a consistent shopping experience across all your sales endpoints - bringing shoppers back to your stores again, and again.

Save Precious Time

Instead of manually digging through spreadsheets, imagine having all your product data automatically synced to all sales channels with direct integrations.

Get To Know Your Guests

Collect valuable consumer contact information along the journey and gather detailed analytics about how they're buying from you in-store and online.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Wondersign Platform takes the raw product data from your various data sources and cleans, organizes, and distributes it across all of your sales channels. The Platform acts as the single source of truth for all your commerce tools, including in-store endless aisle kiosks, sales tablets, websites / ecommerce stores, social media platforms, and other online marketplaces.

The platform allows you to customize, price and manage all your data all in one place – for a consistent and seamless shopping experience across all channels; fully automated.

Yes, we are happy to provide a fully customized demo. If you’re interested in learning more about our catalog platform, our Commerce API, our ecommerce integrations, or the in-store kiosk app, please contact a member of our sales team. They will be happy to show you how the Wondersign Platform can work for you and your store.

Yes! Your designated Account Manager will help you get set up and walk you through the platform. We offer video resources to help you learn more about the platform and to get the most out of using it. Additionally, we have an extensive knowledge base with help articles that walk you through all the key processes when using the platform and the app for your kiosk, tablets, and connectors.

Yes! It’s actually a perfect fit for smaller stores – since the lack of showroom space is a problem our platform solves perfectly! The Wondersign Platform helps retailers of all sizes. We work closely with website providers and marketing companies to provide retailers all they need to sell in-store and online at an affordable and competitive price.

The Catalog Kiosk App for kiosks and tablets is a virtual extension of your physical showroom. This “extended aisle” allows you to show many products you would otherwise not be able to accommodate in your physically limited space.

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“The Wondersign platform has transformed our business and allows us to grow since we no longer have to purchase a larger showroom and it has doubled our add-on sales!“

Ross Cortez
City Furniture

“We didn’t realize how big of an issue it is when customers are not able to get detailed information on a product, as far as accurate descriptions, high-resolution photos, and additional information. The Wondersign kiosk helped us eliminate that issue and as a result, we have seen a sales increase of 35% to 45% on products displayed on our kiosk.“

Nathan Candelaria
Furniture Outlet Depot

“Prior to Wondersign we had paper catalogs, and our sales reps had to manually go through them and price out every item that customers wanted. They would have to make a list, so it would significantly slow down the buying experience. Oftentimes customers would get agitated if the sales associate wasn’t well informed. The Wondersign kiosk shaves off a good 30 mins to an hour from that process, as customers see what they want the price is right in front of them.”

Donovan Zerki
5th Avenue Furniture

“We had to use paper catalogs and they would get torn up very quickly with the number of people flipping through them. It was a very antiquated way of having to do business. With the kiosk we are more modern, it stays up-to-date automatically, and it is easy to use. Everyone loves it, we sell off of it all the time!“

JD Worley
Winner Furniture

“Being able to zoom in on the product on our big screen and being able to check stock immediately without having to walk away from the device are most important to us. It’s also critical to have all items priced, this allows us to interact with the customer without having to do 3 or 4 different steps, it’s all right there available on the kiosk.“

Ron Fowler
Mattress & Furniture For Less

“Being able to email and text our customers product pictures and descriptions really stood out for us. It is crucial to be able to put something in the customer’s hand so they can go show their spouse or email it to their partner at work and ask “this is what I am looking at right now, is it okay with you?” and that works out really well for us.”

Stuart Boyles
Carolina Furniture Mart