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My website doesn't match my store

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Problem #1

I lose money on mispriced items on my website.

Rachel just sold a dining room set on her website for half of the price it should have been set for. Her pricing was off and now she’s not making a profit on such a high-ticket item.

Her pricing is not connected directly to her POS so she has to manually make updates when there are price changes from the manufacturer.

Now that she realized her pricing is off, she’s scrambling to get it updated. But it’s 10 PM and she has to wait for her web agency to respond to her email to update the pricing for her. Their standard protocol is 48 hours for any changes to get made to the website.

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Solution #1

A tool with 24/7 access for the retailer to manage their pricing.

Rachel needs an easy way to update pricing herself

  • Keep pricing in sync and up-to-date from a single source of truth
  • Updates are automated and happen in real-time
  • Easy pricing tools to set margins or markups
  • Flexibility for much more detailed pricing rules based on product attributes like manufacturer, category, product type, weight, delivery type, and more
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Problem #2

All my visitors drop off without taking action on my website.

Bill hasn’t received an order through his website in two weeks. One night, he starts browsing his own site to better understand what could be keeping visitors from buying his products. He discovers that items are in the wrong place. Others have missing images. And there are no useful filters to narrow it down to just what he’s looking for.

Also, many items that come in different colors or sizes clutter the page, making it difficult to find exactly what he’s looking for.

He’s frustrated with the whole experience and closes his laptop. At that moment, he’s realizing that’s how his visitors must feel.

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Solution #2

A clean and reliable product catalog.

Bill needs a product catalog that is fully managed and optimized for ecommerce.

  • One universal taxonomy to avoid confusion
  • Automatic variant creation to clean up catalog pages
  • Normalized data for mixed brand catalogs (e.g. colors, style, material, etc.)
  • Product tags to build out a variety of filter options – helping shoppers find what they need
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Male furniture store owner calling someone about problems with his website.
Problem #3

I don’t have time to deal with pricing on my website.

James was getting frustrated with his website always showing wrong prices. He was forced to issue refunds and sometimes he would sell items way below his typical margins. In a few instances, he even lost money. And not just that, it was also a huge time-waster, leaving him and his customers dissatisfied.

His website agency couldn’t get it right, so James decided to remove pricing from his website altogether. Instead, the site now asks shoppers to ‘Call for Pricing’. Unfortunately, as James found out, people don’t really want to do that. They just go somewhere else where items are priced. Now he does 0 transactions online.

He even got an email from a frustrated website visitor stating that they refused to call in for pricing and would be taking their business elsewhere. Yikes.

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Solution #3

Automate your pricing with pricing rules.

James needs a tool that connects his in-store & online experience. This way his pricing is always in sync, automatically.

  • 24/7 single source of truth platform to make changes everywhere at once without delays
  • Rules automatically apply correct pricing to newly introduced items – no need to manually price new introductions
  • Flexibility for much more detailed pricing rules based on product attributes like manufacturer, category, product type, weight, delivery type, and more
  • James gets alerts and updates on wholesale cost changes, keeping him in-the-know
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