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Wondersign connects to your business applications so you can automate workflows, eliminate data chaos, and be more productive.


Shopify logo

Our connector maintains master catalog, pricing, variants, and inventory in real-time.


Our connector maintains master catalog and pricing, options.

CMS Max Logo

Using our Commerce API, CMS Max builds ecommerce websites with inventory and pricing.


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POS & Inventory

Furniture Wizard logo
Furniture Wizard

Our kiosk and tablet apps push orders into the POS and read inventory records.

Profitsystems Logo
Profit Systems

Our kiosk and tablet apps push orders into the POS and read inventory records.

EZ Process Pro Logo
EZ Process Pro

Using our Commerce API, the EZ POS/ERP gets master catalog and vendor inventory.


A CSV import of your inventory data - all automated via secure FTP.

Olea Kiosks

Our partner for custom kiosk builds. Experts in self-service, POS, and endless aisle.

Stripe logo

The Stripe integration turns our kiosk and tablet apps into a mobile POS.

Webhook icon

Using our Checkout Webhook, you can connect to any suitable POS system.

Elo Touch Solutions

ELO supplies commercial-grade touchscreen hardware for retail environments.

Marketing & Messaging

R&A Marketing Logo
R&A Marketing

Using our Commerce API, R&A builds Woocommerce marketing websites with real-time inventory and pricing.

Imagine Advertising Logo
Imagine Advertising

Using the Shopify Connector, Imagine Advertising builds ecommerce websites with real-time inventory.

Banner Marketing logo
Banner Marketing

Using the BigCommerce Connector, Banner builds ecommerce sites with real-time inventory.

Marketing360 Logo
Marketing 360

Using our Commerce API and our Connectors, M360 builds ecommerce websites for small businesses.

EZ Process Pro Logo
EZ Process Pro

Using our Commerce API, EZ Process Pro builds custom ecommerce websites, fully integrated with their POS/ERP.

Podium Logo

Our native API integration turns SMS leads from the kiosk app into sales conversations in the Podium inbox.

El Toro

El Toro matches physical addresses to IP addresses with extreme precision, allowing you to re-target shoppers.

Mobile Marketing Logo
Mobile Marketing

Using our Commerce API, mobile marketing agency builds ecommerce websites with inventory on Magento.


Form Piper Logo

A financing management platform feeding applications to all your lenders.


A no-credit-needed leasing provider. Available through FormPiper integration.

American First logo
American First

Retail installment and lease-to-own offers with no FICO score requirement.

Denefits logo

Complete payment and financing solutions platform used across many industries.

Great American Finance Logo
Great American

Offering primary and second-look financing with hard and soft pull capabilities.

Greenwave logo

No-credit-needed lease-to-own options for credit-challenged consumers.


Comprehensive loan and lease plans for customers with excellent to no credit.

Kornerstone logo
Kornerstone Credit

No-credit-needed lease-to-own options for credit-challenged consumers.

Progressive Leasing

Flexible lease-to-own purchase options with no-credit-needed. Available through FormPiper integration.

Snap Finance

Financing company for leased purchases with high approvals and instant decisions. Available through FormPiper integration.


Financing lender with flexible credit options. Available through FormPiper integration.

Tempoe logo

No-credit-needed lease-to-own options for credit-challenged consumers.

Wells Fargo

Financing lender with multiple credit options. Available through FormPiper integration.

Trade Associations

Furniture 1st Logo for National Buying Group
Furniture First

Members receive exclusive discounts on Wondersign subscriptions and access to white label catalogs.

Home Furnishings Association Logo
Home Furnishings Association

Members qualify for upgrade discounts and new customers benefit from waived setup fees.

International Home Furnishings Representatives Association

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We’re always looking to find ways to help retailers do business better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Wondersign works with resellers and referral partners. If you’re interested in a partnership opportunity, please contact us for more details.

Yes! Wondersign is always looking to expand our integrations and partnerships ecosystem. If a collaboration or partnership makes sense for our retailers, it makes sense for us. Contact us to talk about how we can work together.

Yes! Wondersign’s Marketing Team works hand in hand with partners to create a plan for a go-to-market strategy and how to conduct co-marketing activities. Opportunities can include and are not limited to email announcements, webinars, guest blog posts, and social media posts.

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