Mobile Checkout for Your Catalog Kiosk App

Help shoppers find what they are looking for from start to finish. Wondersign has integrated with Stripe, an online payment platform, to provide a quick and easy way for shoppers to pay you!


Fast & Easy Checkout 

Shoppers that browse your 'endless aisle' catalog in-person on a kiosk or tablet can immediately purchase the items in their cart using mobile checkout via email.

Seamless Shopping Experience

Eliminate conversion breakers and make it easy for shoppers to check out immediately.

Collect Payment From Remote Shoppers

Take payment from shoppers who are not physically in your store with mobile checkout.

Safe & Secure Checkout

Shoppers feel more comfortable inputting sensitive credit card and payments credentials into their personal devices.

Mobile Checkout for Every POS 

Whether you are sharing products with customers over the phone or
meeting virtually to review interior design options, mobile checkout provides
a solution when customers are outside of your brick and mortar.  


How It Works

  1. The shopper adds items to the cart.

  2. Once, they are ready to checkout they select the Mobile Checkout option in the cart.

  3. The shopper completes the form with their contact and shipping information.

  4. The Sales Associate can then add Taxes and Discounts.

  5. They submit the form which sends a checkout link to the shopper's email.

  6. The shopper opens the link in their email and it leads them to your Stripe checkout page where they can quickly and securely process payment.

Add On Fees, Taxes, & Discounts

The Catalog Kiosk App allows you to add taxes, fees and discounts directly to the shopping cart.

Sales Tax

Set your sales tax in the Catalog App Manager to automatically apply it to the consumer's shopping cart.


RSAs can manually add discounts to the shopping cart using a private pin.

Delivery & Other Fees

Add delivery fees and protection plans to the shopping cart by creating custom product SKUs. 

Text with Leads and Close the Deal

Wondersign and Podium have teamed up for a re-marketing text integration. Engage in two-way text conversations with shoppers who shared products and shopping carts from your Wondersign Catalog Kiosk App. You can now see the responses from shoppers and follow up to close the deal.


Give Your Shoppers An Easy Way To Check Out

How Much Does It Cost?

It is FREE to sign up and create an account for Stripe. Once you create an account you can immediately start sending invoices and receiving payments. 

Mobile checkout is included for retailers on all current Wondersign plans for the first $25,000 in transactions. 


Ready to Add Mobile Checkout?

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