More Brands Available On Industry-Leading ‘Endless Aisle’ Solution


Right in time for Furniture Market in High Point, NC, we have added a group of brands to our ‘endless aisle’ Catalog Kiosk platform. This allows furniture retailers to display an ever-increasing selection of products and categories from more brands. With the introduction of transactional kiosks and attractive discounts for buying group member stores, we further solidified our industry leadership position. At High Point Market, Wondersign kiosks will be an integral part of more brands’ showrooms than ever.


Wondersign Catalog Kiosk. the leading data syndication platform in home furnishings, continues to help retailers close more deals and increase their average ticket size. More than ever, brick & mortar retailers are in need of a larger product selection from more brands as consumers get used to an endless selection of items available online. To help brick & mortar retailers compete in today’s competitive marketplace, we are continuously adding more managed brand catalogs. High Point Market will be the debut of some of Catalog Kiosk’s latest brand offerings such as: Hooker, Emerald, Flexsteel, New Classic, Malouf, and Classy Art in addition to the brands already on the platform.


Up-close view of woman using the in-store endless aisle kiosk. She is using the digital catalog on a touch screen Elo device.


Digital In-Store Experiences That Benefit Retailers

With the unveiling of Flexsteel’s new and larger showroom in the International Home Furnishings Center comes a significant push to offer digital in-store experiences. Flexsteel will introduce its own brand-specific kiosk solution and – in an effort to offer retailers various technology options – will also be available on the Wondersign ‘endless aisle’ platform, with a large-format Wondersign in-store kiosk on their floor. In our press release about the launch, our CEO Andy Reinhard was quoted saying: “Retailers need the right tools to provide their guests with an exceptional experience. We’re thrilled to be part of Flexsteel’s digital strategy and it aligns perfectly with our goal – to provide retailers with a competitive advantage through affordable technology!”


Transactional Kiosks Thanks To Shopify And BigCommerce Integration

For retailers looking into pop-up stores, shop-in-shop concepts, direct-to-consumer areas on their floor, satellite stores, and an expansion beyond their brick & mortar location, we now offer transactional kiosks. Through integrations with eCommerce platform Shopify and BigCommerce, consumers can find products on the kiosk and pay directly on their smartphones. Interested in learning more? Talk to us, by sending us an email at or jump on a live chat!


Unparalleled Discounts for Buying Group Members  

We have recently partnered with Nationwide Marketing Group, Brandsource, Trib, and HFA to offer exclusive discounts on our ‘endless aisle’ software for buying group members. At High Point Market, Nationwide Marketing Group will feature a Wondersign in-store kiosk in their showroom.

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