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All the essentials to create an omnichannel shopping experience for shoppers visiting your store - both online and offline. 

Digital Catalog App For Kiosks & Tablets

"Does this come in other colors?" 

or "Do you have other dining set options?" 

or "Are these all the sectionals you have?"...

These and other questions from your guests all mean one thing: "I can't find what I'm looking for!"

Introducing the digital version of your product catalog.

42" kiosk with attractor screen showing top categories
22" Kiosk showing categories page for chairs

The touch application for in-store kiosks and tablets helps retailers like you:

  • Convert more guests into customers
  • Shorten your time to close

Help shoppers find what they're looking for faster and easier so you can free up sales associates to see more guests.

Your RSAs' Favorite Tool

Nothing is worse than abandoning shoppers in the middle of the store - just to look up if something's in stock, is current, and what the price might be.

Give your associates:

  • Mixed vendor catalogs
  • Real-time inventory (your own and the supplier)
  • Always up-to-date pricing 
  • Cross-sell recommendations 

All in their hands. Anywhere on the floor.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

"Our 42” Wondersign paid for

itself in 10 days! This new sales tool is trending an additional $300,000 plus in sales to our current retail sales trends for the year. Paper catalogs have been thrown away and are no longer needed!"

"Customers are willing to add more to the cart. The number one benefit is smart accessorizing, our sales have increased by 40% since adding the Wondersign kiosk!"

"Don't think twice! The product pays for itself in a short time. The increase in sales in the first 3 months paid for the Wondersign 2-3 times over."

5th Avenue FurnitureDetroit, MI

Faith FurnitureManhattan, KS

Furniture Outlet DepotKissimmee, FL

Add All The Brands You Carry

Shopper Ready Product Data

Instead of countless differently formatted spreadsheets, price lists, and catalogs from your brand reps, you have:

ONE central platform for all your vendor catalogs, combined and priced with inventory, and kits built out.

✅ Clean ✅ Kitted ✅ Normalized ✅ Priced

Your guests are looking for a bed or a sectional, not rails or a wedge. The Wondersign platform offers kitted SKUs and even complete room packages.

Component SKUs and quantities are visible to your guests and associates on the showroom floor to make sure orders are correct.

Explore Our Ready-To-Use Catalogs From Top Brands





  • ACME
  • Armen Living
  • Ashley Furniture
  • Avalon Furniture
  • Barcalounger
  • Bassett Mirror
  • Buguard
  • Cal Lighting
  • Cilek Kids Room
  • Classic Home
  • Classy Art
  • Coaster
  • Coast2Coast Home
  • Couture Lamps and Home Furnishings
  • Crown Mark
  • Elements International
  • Emerald Home Furnishings
  • Enza Home
  • Flexsteel
  • Furniture Classics
  • Furniture of America
  • Generation Trade
  • Gewnee
  • GigaCloud Technology
  • Global United Furniture
  • HomeRoots
  • Hooker Furnishings
  • International Furniture Direct
  • Jackson / Catnapper
  • Legacy Classic | Modern
  • Legends Furniture
  • Lexington Home Brands
  • Liberty Furniture
  • LumiSource
  • Magnussen
  • Malouf
  • Meridian Furniture USA
  • Michael Amini
  • Moe's Home Collection
  • Nectar
  • New Classic
  • Olliix
  • Ottomanson
  • Pacific Coast Lighting
  • Parker House Furniture
  • Pulaski
  • Revelation
  • Riverside Furniture
  • Sagebrook
  • Salt & Light
  • Samuel Lawrence
  • Simpli Home
  • Southbay International
  • Steve Silver Furniture
  • Sunny Designs
  • Sunset West
  • Tempur Sealy International
  • TOV Furniture
  • TRULite Bedding
  • Universal Furniture
  • Uttermost
  • Vaughan-Bassett
  • Whittier Wood
  • Zuo Modern

* Catalog data availability is at the sole discretion of the respective brand. Wondersign will not deliver catalog content until all account information has been approved individually by each brand. ** Real-time inventory available from select vendors. Availability of this service is at vendor's discretion and may be removed at any point without notice. ***Variants available for select feeds.

Add Your Own Products

Whether you want to update hundreds of product records or add your own products to your catalog, the product importer does it all.

The Wondersign platform then feeds your catalog data to all connected selling channels.

Automate Your Retail Pricing

Set & Forget Margins

Never Lose Money on Mispriced Items

If you are like most of our customers, you put your best people in charge of pricing. It's just too delicate of a topic and can easily cost you a lot of money.

And therein lies the problem. Your best people are all tied up making price changes across your various systems. There has to be a better way, right?

Yes. There is!

Rule-based pricing means: You set it and forget it. Define profit margin or set multipliers - by brand, category, product, or across the board.

Your Inventory Always Shows First

Never Leave Your Guests Alone On The Floor

Instead of manually checking the availability in the manufacturer's database, you can check factory availability* instantly. Complete with re-stocking dates and quantities.

*Feature available for select brands only.

Sell Through Your On-Hand Items

Import or connect your showroom and warehouse inventory to the Wondersign platform. Auto-prioritize what you have tied up in cash, so you can make your money back faster!

Learn more about inventory integrations.

Integrate With Your Existing Tools

No More Missed Conversations

Are you using Podium or Kenect? Engage in two-way text conversations with shoppers who shared products and shopping carts from your Wondersign Catalog App. Text message responses from your shoppers automatically create new conversations in your SMS provider's inbox, so you never miss an opportunity to make a sale.  

Your Single Source of Truth

This powerful two-way integration between Wondersign in-store kiosks and selected POS software allows you to reduce friction on the consumer's path to purchase. Orders created on the kiosk will be pushed seamlessly to the POS, creating SKUs on the fly for special orders.

*You may incur additional costs from your POS provider when adding the integration. Please consult with your provider first.

Make More Money Per Transaction

Start the financing process right from the kiosk and tablet app! Shoppers enter just their mobile phone number and get the application link sent directly to their phone. 

Wondersign offers three ways to make applying for financing fast, safe, and very user-friendly:

  • Automated Multi-Lender Financing Waterfall
  • Integration with FormPiper Waterfall Platform
  • Your Own Customizable Mobile Credit App

What Are You Doing Online?

Get your products in front of even more eyeballs! Populate your website using one of our e-commerce connectors. We integrate with popular platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce (WordPress). 

Our connector syncs product catalogs, pricing, and inventory - all in real time. So you don't have to email your web person or wait for your web agency to update your prices.

Plan & Pricing

Wondersign Retail Essentials Plan

Your single source of truth, helping you sell more with less. 

1 Kiosk & 1 Tablet License for 'Extended Aisle' Catalog App

Unlimited Catalogs from your favorite brands

Access to Commerce Automation Platform


When paid annually. Monthly Plan: $200/mo

Make Omnichannel Easy

Sync your in-store and online experience. Your product data, pricing, and inventory* are streamed directly to your website and updated automatically.

Connectors Add-On

Data API Add-On

Plug and play for your website. API-based direct integrations with leading ecommerce platforms.

Raw product Data API* for the flexibility to create your online experience and integrate with existing tools.



When paid annually. Monthly Plan: $118/mo

When paid annually. Monthly Plan: $118/mo

*Inventory currently available for Shopify.

*Full access to raw product Data API for one URL and up to 10,000 visits per month. Our endpoints offer master catalog, curated assortments by sales channel, pricing options, "hot-spot" scenes data, and variants/options for a best-in-class e-commerce experience.

Available Hardware for Catalog Kiosk App

22" Kiosk showing categories page for chairs

Wondersign offers a variety of hardware options ranging from tabletop kiosks to a large format display


The Wondersign App is available for iOS, Android, Chrome OS and Windows Surface.

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