The Unfair Advantage For Your Website

Giving Main Street Retailers A Fighting Chance


of consumers browse your site before heading to the store.

That's an opportunity AND a threat.

Here's why:

Wasted Resources

No Products Online

Incorrect Pricing

Product, pricing, and inventory updates executed by a marketing agency or your best employees are a huge time waster. This distracts them from other responsibilities that help drive traffic and sales online and in-store. 

Some retailers opt to not have a website at all whether it’s because of the cost or maintenance. The result: It actually hurts foot traffic.

8 out of 10 guests come to your showroom with pricing in mind. If it doesn't match, they're out.

I lose money on mispriced items on my website.

Meet Alan. Alan just sold a dining room set on his website for almost half of the price. His pricing was off and now he’s not making a profit on such a high-ticket item. 👎👎

No wonder. His prices are not connected directly to his POS software. He has to manually update prices when manufacturers change cost.

Alan simply can't keep up with all the changes from his many vendors. There's got to be a better way.

Alan now has an easy way to update pricingHe has access to pricing tools to set margins and multipliers. With flexibility for detailed pricing rules based on product attributes like manufacturer, category, product type, weight, delivery type, and more. 

His pricing stays automatically in sync and up-to-date from a single source of truth. His regular in-store sales events now extend online, allowing him to compete with big box stores advertising holiday sales. 👍👍

I don’t have time to deal with pricing issueson my website.

Meet Michelle. Michelle was getting frustrated with her website agency and the 24-48 hour turnaround time it took for changes to appear. In the meantime, she was missing out on sales and losing $$$ 👎

Michelle decided to remove pricing from her website altogether.

Instead, the site asked shoppers to ‘Call for Pricing’. 

Unfortunately, as Michelle found out the hard way, people don’t like that. They just go somewhere else where items are priced. Without pricing, she now does 0 transactions online. 👎👎

Michelle found a tool that connects her in-store & online experience. Her pricing is always in sync, automatically. And she has access to a 24/7 single-source-of-truth-platform to make changes everywhere at once without delays.

Her investment in her marketing agency is now better used for SEO and PPC advertising, driving more website traffic to her website and store. 👍👍

I don't have time or money to manage a website

Meet Jordan. Jordan opened a Mattress store in his college town. With his connections in the area and a decent following on social media, he opted out of a website to save money and created a Facebook page instead.

Jordan quickly discovered that not only was he constantly on his phone answering questions about pricing and which brands he carried, he was at the mercy of an algorithm update.

As a result, he lost a ton of visibility, because his only online channel was a single platform. Now Jordan is dealing with low foot traffic and missed sales 👎.

Jordan found a platform that provided an in-store AND online solution, cutting the cost per acquisition in half.

Once he launched his $0/mo e-commerce Shopify site with pricing and detailed product information, his time spent on the phone was significantly reduced and he noticed increased foot traffic. 👍👍

The in-store tool created opportunities for shoppers to send product information to themselves that linked back to his website. Creating a true omnicommerce experience.


Retailers average

sales growth using
e-commerce in omni sales.


of consumers believe retailers should be doing more to integrate their online and offline channels.

Are Disconnected Systems Holding You Back?

Connect Your Systems With Wondersign

Wondersign is your single source of truth.

It's your plug & play, pricing-genius, inventory-syncing, vendor-normalizing, product-filtering, catalog managing, fully automated commerce hub. 

How Bed'R Furniture and Mattress Was Able To Boost Sales and Improve Customer Experience

When Jay Lewis took ownership of the store in 2016 they were using an outdated website lacking an e-commerce platform and critical pricing information --negative customer feedback and dwindling sales led Jay to seek out other services. It paid off within the first 48 hours when his new website went live. Find out how he did it…. 

Plug & Play With These Platforms

Wondersign E-commerce Connectors are API-based direct integrations with leading platforms.

Shopify logo

Have an in-house developer or work with another platform? 

Not ready to invest in a website?

We have a free one for you.

Your website is important - but primarily as an additional traffic driver. This is why we're able to build you a website for free!

Wondersign's AI-assisted websites are up and running in 48 hours costing you $0 per month* with your Wondersign Retail Essentials subscription and Shopify connector.


*Shopify subscription and other requirements may apply. Wait list for website build might result in longer setup times.

Free Shopify Website available with Connector Add-on!

Shopify logo

Shopify Connector

  • Select from 80+ managed catalogs with live updates straight from the supplier.
  • Auto-generate curated catalogs using product targeting tools.
  • Includes API and import tools to add custom SKUs and non-managed products.
  • Bulk manage pricing with multiplier/markup rules.
  • Connect local warehouse & showroom stock quantities (via POS or CSV).
  • Opt-in to display manufacturer inventory
  • Auto-generated variants, collections, and tags.
  • Pre-formatted SEO metafield data for products.

BigCommerce Connector

  • Select from 80+ managed catalogs with live updates straight from the supplier.
  • Auto-generate curated catalogs using product targeting tools.
  • Includes API and import tools to add custom SKUs and non-managed products.
  • Bulk manage pricing with multiplier/markup rules.
  • Auto-generated variants, collections, and tags.
  • Pre-formatted SEO metafield data for products.

WooCommerce Connector

  • Select from 80+ managed catalogs with live updates straight from the supplier.
  • Auto-generate curated catalogs using product targeting tools.
  • Includes API and import tools to add custom SKUs and non-managed products.
  • Bulk manage pricing with multiplier/markup rules.
  • Auto-generated variants, collections, and tags.

Wondersign E-commerce Connectors

Your online catalog includes:

Pricing - Fully Automated

Cost, Retail, "Compare At" Price, MAP, MSRP (if available from vendor) are synced in real-time.

All Product Details & Custom Fields

SKU, Title, Description, Dimensions, Weight, Brand, etc. to help shoppers make purchasing decisions.

Normalized Taxonomy

Categories, subcategories, colors, and other common attributes are normalized across vendors.

Manufacturer & Retailer Inventory

Our connector pushes real-time inventory information to your web store.

Filter Options and Tags 

Product attributes such as "Product Type", "Material", "Style", and many more can be used to power browsing and search tools on your website.

Product Variants 

Avoid redundancy and create a better shopping experience with automatic variant creation for color, size, orientation, options, and many more.

All Your Brands In One Place

Access all your vendor catalogs in one place to check pricing and inventory. 

Wondersign works with the following brands and more!

Your Pricing on Autopilot

Our Advanced Pricing Engine lets you "set it and forget it" -- or even tie it to your POS/ERP system! Your pricing rules automatically price newly introduced products.

Custom Rules
Create pricing rules using margin, multipliers, and markups. Target products based on numerous


Automated Pricing
Update pricing in one place and have it automatically

synced to your website and

in-store devices

Consumer-Ready Data

Your feed is formatted for the best shopping experience. Our normalized product data makes it easy to sell products with variants such as color, configuration options, and size - to eliminate pages full of seemingly duplicate products.

Product Variants

Help shoppers find products easier. Product variants allow shoppers to toggle between different options and pricing is updated to match the selection.

Color Normalization

The Wondersign platform standardizes abstract colors like "Sage" or "Emerald" to "Green". Which is what consumers are

searching for.

Finding Products Made Easy

Wondersign automatically syncs categories and collections for websites. It's all based on our normalized taxonomy across all our manufacturer data feeds. And even the navigation is built out, for a true plug & play experience.

Includes Navigation

Automated category mapping and navigation included "out of the box". Kickstart your ecommerce project.

Advanced Filter Tags

Product attributes such as “Product Type”, “Material”, “Style”, "Color", and many more help consumers narrow their search down to exactly what they're looking for.

Real-Time Inventory

Inventory data is always up-to-date on your website and matches your in-store tools such as kiosks and tablets. Your sales associates and customers always know what's in stock.

And you can build online experiences to only show what's available right now.

Inventory Displayed


Keep your online and in-store inventory automatically in sync!


of shoppers use a mobile device to search for products.

Feature Coming Soon*

Connecting Your 'In-Store' With Your 'Online'

Reach your customers on all channels -  both online and in-store. Connect your kiosks and tablets with your website. When shoppers leave, you can close the deal virtually.

Shared Products*  

Products shared via text message and email from the kiosk app link to the same product page in your Shopify or BigCommerce store.

Kiosk Mobile Checkout*

Use Shopify or BigCommerce as a transaction engine to turn your in-store kiosks and tablets into a mobile POS.

Add-On to Your Retail Essentials Plan

Connectors Add-On

Sync your website with your in-store devices and your POS. Our seamless Connectors services keep your webstore in constant sync - completely automated.


When paid annually. Monthly Plan: $118/mo

Data API Add-On

Full access to raw product Data API for one URL and up to 10,000 visits per month. Our endpoints offer master catalog, curated assortments by sales channel, pricing options, "hot-spot" scenes data, and variants/options for a best-in-class e-commerce experience.


When paid annually. Monthly Plan: $118/mo

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